Aideen Doran (she/her) is an artist from Ireland, living in Scotland.

Her (my) practice is situated in sound, moving image and working with archives. 

She takes things that are in the world – archival images, found footage – and flips them on their back, revealing the visual codes and hidden ideological structures that have made them that way.

Her approach is not to distort the object of enquiry, but to upend the readings around it – the ways it comes into the world.

Doran is drawn to subtle acts of insubordination: in literature, in poetry, in the margins and footnotes of historical narration. What might such acts of power from below reveal?

The artist’s engagement with archives and historical materials is a way to think through today’s problems, and seeming inevitabilities, at a distance.

Edward Ball, Closed Doors, Broken Windows in in Old Land, New Waters. Published by Freelands Foundation in 2021.