Depositions of the Despoiled Subject

Dual channel video with single channel of sound. 23 minutes. 2021

Depositions of the Despoiled Subject (2021) weaves together family history, parliamentary records and oral testimony to reflect upon truth and testimony in the artist’s hometown of Lurgan, Northern Ireland. Originating from a chance encounter at the grave of John Furfey, a ten-year-old boy who was murdered by law enforcement in 1879, the work intertwines Furfey’s story with accounts of 1970s rent strikes and 17th century uprisings. Resonant and personal, the work connects seemingly distinc moments in history - foregrounding pertinent instances of civil resistance and questioning the reliability of historical narratives.

Exhibited in:

Meet Me at the Threshold, group show at Talbot Rice Gallery, 2022. 

Undertow, group show at Freelands Foundation, 2021.
Documentation below: