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Video stills from Neo Neo audio visual commission, August 2016.

Recent and upcoming:

Oblomov’s Dream: An Art Practice-Led Enquiry Into Radical Boredom in the Network World, paper published in A Peer Reviewed Journal About Excessive Research.

Salted Findings screening at Pig Rock Bothy, National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh, July 2016.

Possiplex, essay commissioned by MAP Magazine as part of the Footnoting the Archive project, August 2016. Included in the limited edition publication Endnotes, launched July 2016.

Footnoting the Archive: Endnotes discussion event at Edinburgh College of Art, 13th August 2016. Panel includes Victoria Horne, Annet Dekker, Jenny Brownrigg, Peter Amoore and Aideen Doran.

NEO NEO, audio visual performance with live music from The Host, Steven Henry and Touch Sensitive Records. Black Box, Belfast, 13th August 2016.

The Kiln Project residency with Cass Sculpture Foundation at West Dean College, August 2016.

Mineral Supplements, group show at The Cass Sculpture Foundation, Spring 2017.

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